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Dr. Eric R. Angstadt comes from a family of dentists. He started his own practice with Spring Ridge Dental in 1989, but has been practicing dentistry for more than 25 years. He says, “I always knew I wanted to be a dentist. I just didn’t know how much I would like it!” Dr. Angstadt has a real passion for dentistry and enjoys getting to know his patients, offering them a comfortable experience, giving them choices, and seeing the results.

Dr. Angstadt is committed to hiring only the best staff – sharp individuals who are willing to take the time and make sure all of his patients’ needs are met. In fact, his wife, Bianca, who was his instructor at Temple Dental School, now works with him as a dental hygienist. Dr. Angstadt says, “She has a real gift for putting patients at ease and making them feel cared for.”

Laser Dentistry

Studies have shown that laser dentistry can be less traumatic than the drill. After extensive research, Dr. Angstadt chose the Waterlase MD™ laser system. It’s a revolutionary dental tool that uses a combination of laser energy and water to perform a variety of dental procedures without shots or anesthesia. This system can be used in many kinds of dental work – from fixing cavities to preparing teeth for crowns and root canals.

It provides a quick and unique cutting action that is precise and gentle, so it preserves healthy tooth or gums around a cavity or diseased gums. “It’s an approach called minimally invasive dentistry,” Dr. Angstadt says. “The idea is to fix the diseased part of your tooth, gums or bone without damaging adjacent healthy tissue. Laser-assisted dentistry gives us a big advantage in providing excellent clinical care with maximum patient comfort.”

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

With the popularity of teeth whitening, Dr. Angstadt chose the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, a scientifically advanced teeth whitening procedure. It combines hydrogen peroxide and light to provide you with immediate results. Dr. Angstadt says, “It’s the whole system that makes it work. Everything has been researched and it all works well together to produce beautiful, whiter teeth.”


Dr. Angstadt believes in treating the whole person, so in addition to checking for cancer with visual exams of the mouth and throat, he has also invested in the VELscope, which can quickly screen and identify abnormal cells within the mouth that could identify oral cancer. The VELscope Vx is completely safe, doesn’t require unpleasant rinses or stains, and takes about two minutes.

Click to view a video of Dr. Oz and the VELscope.

24 hour emergency care

Toothaches, broken teeth, fillings and crowns often occur at the most inopportune times. They can destroy family vacations, business trips or a special event. This is when you need your dental office to be available 24/7. Whether you are a new or regular patient, Spring Ridge Dental is committed to being there for you when you need them the most.

Payment Options

Spring Ridge Dental accepts most major credit cards, personal checks, and cash. They also offer a flexible, interest-free payment plan through GE Capital’s CareCredit. If you have dental insurance, we will submit your claim for you along with any necessary documentation to help you receive your maximum allowable benefit.